Bottom of the Barrel Bin 8

I think we all have seen this product at some point in our lives.  If not, it gives me extreme pleasure to introduce to you — Toilet Mini Golf.  That’s right.  Haven’t you been on the toilet and thought, “Man!  What is there to do?  I am so bored.”  If so, look no further.  You can play a complete round of mini golf right in the comfort of your own bathroom.  And remain seated (please remain seated), because included is a mini putter that is just the right size.  So next time you are on the throne and you wanna kill some time, break out Toilet Mini Golf.  And afterwards make an appointment with your family physician to address the ill effects of sitting on a toilet for excessive periods of time.

(Thanks to Christ Hunt for snapping this pic while apparently driving down a rough road while blindfolded)



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3 responses to “Bottom of the Barrel Bin 8

  1. Tessa

    Well it’s good to know I’m dating Jesus now and his last name is Hunt…:0)

  2. I think maybe you should include the call-to-order number for these products (I’m not asking for myself…). I think there are probably some people out there who would be interested in having this (not meaning me). It would make the ordering process a lot easier…(I’m asking for a friend!)

  3. brandonzachry

    And it also comes with the door hanger so that those outside the bathroom will not be confused on why you are cheering. “Woohoo! Hole in one!”

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