Nasty Little Submission 7

The Nasty Little Challenge Rating (1 = disturbing, 5 = disturbing and may cause nightmares, 10 = disturbing, nightmare-causing and most likely to induce vomiting):
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

This one was sent to me by my good friend Hayne.  Hayne is also is a maker of films.  His fingerprints are on a little gem called  Solid Country Gold.  It’s a good’n.  His submission is not.  Just look at how that nasty little doll lost its tooth trying to nibble on someone’s ankle after waiting under their bed for hours.  This one got a 6 because she looks too sassy.  Too sassy for her nasty little boots.



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7 responses to “Nasty Little Submission 7

  1. Walter

    Pretty sure that’s Chucky’s sister, which instantly makes that doll more terrifying. Not only is she genetically related to a serial killer, but I’m sure their childhood games of “hide and go kill someone” don’t end so well for the rest of us. I’ll be sleeping with the lights on tonight, thank you very much. I give it a 9 (only because I don’t want to clean up the vomit).

  2. Walter

    If by any chance that’s not a doll and it’s a real little girl, please disregard my previous comments, and may I please add, “what a lovely young lady.”

  3. This doll certainly deserves a higher ranking. She is worse than hideous. I, myself, am in fact more of a lover of dolls than a hater, such as yourself. Yet I find this mini-monster terrifying.

    And Walter – you are still making me laugh.

  4. Pipi Longstockings has died, went to hell, and has returned for Kevin’s soul.

    • Kevin

      Yeah, I almost went with Pippi but I really like her. I do not care for this doll though. Please tell me that you don’t own this doll. Please…

  5. Marie from Germany

    Kevin, those dolls would only be half scary without your stories and imaginations….!! 😉

    But this one is really ugly …

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