A Bird and Some Bodybags

When I was a kid, we would celebrate Thanksgiving by having family and friends come to our house and eat their fill.  My memories of that time are always golden.  I don’t know if it is the nostalgia of my mind or the rampant abuse of caterpillar yellow in our kitchen.
Something else that is burned into my psyche is when I discovered what was hidden in the dark cavern of our Thanksgiving turkey.  First of all, that giant and fleshy turkey always creeped me out.  Then when my mom plopped that lifeless form into a bowl, she did something that I could not believe.  She inserted her hand into that mysterious cavity — the very inside of the turkey — and then she began pulling out miniature body bags.  In those bags were, horror of horrors, turkey parts.  My young and highly impressionable brain could hardly stand what my eyes were seeing.  The worst of them all was what my mother calmly referred to as the “turkey neck”.  I use quotes because to this day, I still can’t believe that was stuffed inside the turkey.  The worst part of all of this was that even though I was but a lad, I was pretty certain that you were supposed to take those things out before you cooked the bird.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.



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2 responses to “A Bird and Some Bodybags

  1. I just wrote about the horrors of those body bags on my blog. Next year, all veggie thanksgiving.

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