I Wanna Be Like Band Aid

Do you remember ever asking for an adhesive bandage?  Probably not.  I bet you remember asking for a Band Aid.  That is one of the finest examples of branding of which I am aware.  Band Aid has commercials, jingles, print ads and the like, all reminding us of the same thing — when you get cut, you don’t need an adhesive bandage, you need a Band Aid.
It is my desire to be that branded.  The name Kevin will in fact be so branded, that it will replace many of the common words we know today as well as  every name that gives us our identity.

[On a crowded street corner, two friends greet one another as they have for the last 10 years]
Bill: Well good morning, Kevin!  Are you having a Kevin day?
Jordan: Indeed I am Kevin.  This morning, my little Kevin made a Kevin and I was like, “KEVIN!  Why did you do that?”
Bill: (confused and refusing to show it)  That is Kevin, Kevin.  Will you take all of your Kevin out on Kevin?
Jordan: (also confused but beginning to show it)  Uh… not sure yet.  So, I am gonna go Kevin your Kevin.
Bill: (growing angry)  What did you just say to Kevin?
Jordan: (nervous)  I said, “I am gonna go…Kevin your…Kevin”?
Bill: Like Kevin you will.
(Bill reaches for a Kevin and Kevins Kevin right there in front of a large crowd of Kevin)
[Siren noise]
[Fade to black]



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6 responses to “I Wanna Be Like Band Aid

  1. one of the funniest things i’ve read this side of the mississippi.

  2. Marie from Germany


  3. Kevinit.

    I wish I had thought of branding my own Kevin before you mentioned it.

    Now I’ll just be a Kevin copycat.

  4. Leanne

    There are list words in there…I just know it. They are just disguised as Kevin. You get marks anyway!

  5. sarah hamm

    I especially like the dramatic ending.

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