Blast from the Past

As a dear friend and I cleaned out an old barn at my house, we made many discoveries.  We found a crocodile skin (neck to tail — someone took the head), old records, vintage copies of Outdoor Life (and many other titles), and for whatever reason, thousands of sea shells.  Apparently, the previous occupants of my home stored their treasures in that barn and then forgot to take them when they moved.

As we were going through the boxes and the mounds of rodent feces, one magazine caught my eye (my eye that was caked with dust and was burning).  I began to peruse the 1960’s magazine called Pageant.  The pages fell open to an ad that most definitely would not appear in any publication today.  I will let the ad speak for itself.


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  1. noactive

    Blast from the Past .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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