Visit to the Barber

The moon is full as the Wolfman enters Mug & Brush Barber Shop on Main Street.

Barber: (Smiles)  Hey!  Have a seat.  It’ll be just a minute (continues sweeping floor).
Wolfman: (Picks up Outdoor Life as he sits)  Thanks.  I’m kind’ve in a hurry though, but I’m glad you are open so late.
Barber: How about this weather we’re having lately.  Cold, huh?
Wolfman: (Looks up from magazine)  Yeah.  But I think it’s warming up.
Barber: I hope so.
Wolfman: (Lets out a concerned sigh)  Me too.
Barber: Do any hunting lately?
Wolfman: Sort of.
Barber: Get anything?
Wolfman: Yeah — I think I’m might be getting too old for it though, you know what I mean?
Barber: (Half laughs)  I hear ya.  Well, you ready?
Wolfman: (Grunts and exhales as he stands)  Ready as I’ll ever be.
Barber: Same way?
Wolfman: (Sitting in barber chair)  Yup.


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