U2MeMy name is Kevin Keigley.
I have a wife.
I have loads of kids who are adorable and quite sharp.
I live, work and play in a small town in South Carolina.
I am a budding archaeologist and child star.
I wear my sunglasses at night.


4 responses to “Me

  1. Marie from G:-)

    Hey Kevin!
    I like reading your blog…

    big hug!

    your German friend

  2. Dear sir, I must use an alias because the internet is global, so I am sorry if this is a mystery post, but I love this blog.

    Your old pal –

  3. Hi Kevin,

    My name is Ana, and I work with the Beauty Club program at the Sally Beauty world headquarters. We saw your post and loved it. We’d like to send you a complimentary Beauty Club membership.

    Ana Warner
    Marketing Coordinator
    Sally Beauty Supply LLC

  4. Marie from Germany

    wearing sunglasses at night is about the coolest thing ever!!!

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