It is here that I have decided to share some of my artwork.  It really boils down to my interpretation of lines and colour and how they can work together to form an idea.  That idea takes the form of a few images you can find below.

This was a test.  I drew quickly.  No rough draft.  No thoughts.  I started on his nose.  The rest came as I was drawing.
Children's Book Illustration

Children's Book Illustration

This is sample artwork for a children’s book idea
A revision of an older mascot for Martinsville DuPont Credit Union in Virginia
Concept art for a unique puppet made by a good friend of mine.  See his amazing stuff here
A piece I did after having watched Gran Torino
Stepping out on a new kind of creative limb
Artwork for my good friends at Martinsville DuPont Credit Union
The Fantastic Mr. Fox (based on a story by Roald Dahl)

2 responses to “Lines

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  2. Kathy Griffith

    I love the Clint Eastwood one!

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