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Well I’m Movin’ On Up

After having published a mere 191 posts, I thought it was high time to get my own domain.  So from now on, please visit kevinkeigley.com for all of your Eleventy Million Dollar Blog needs.

(Cue How Do I Say Goodbye by Boyz 2 Men and a slow-mo montage of all the laughs you’ve had whilst visiting my blog)

Thank you and good night.


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Secret Underground Agent Society

Am I the only one that thinks that they are being watched by some secret underground agency?  There are times I swear I am being tailed by an undercover agent.  He is just observing me.  He is observing me not because I have done something wrong, but it is because I do things right.

Like when I reach into the cabinet to get a glass and an ill-placed mug comes tumbling out only to be rescued by my cat-like reflexes — it is as that time the agent makes a note in his little black waterproof book as he cases my house.   There are also times when I almost fall to the ground because of some ill-placed bump, but catch myself and roll out of it with flair.  That’s when the agent brings his hand to his ear and whispers something to base.

You see, they are watching me because they want to recruit me into their underground secret agent society.  They are looking for guys like me.  Guys that know how to handle themselves.  Guys that can catch an ice cube trying to escape the freezer.  A guy that can stop a drink from being spilled by grabbing it before it tips over entirely.

I took a great risk by sharing this with you on my blog.  They will probably erase it after I am finished and replace it with some Mancode entry.  The funny thing is that you may think I have blown my chances of being recruited by revealing their presence.  Fact is, that makes them want me all the more.


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I Wanna Know

If I have gleaned anything from my good friend Tyler Stanton, it is that he listens to his readers.  I would like for you to let me know what you think are my 10 best posts.  I would sincerely appreciate your help in this matter.

Another thing that I learned from Tyler is that it is cool to save your hair clippings.  Ask him about it.


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I Am Ashamed to Admit…

I am not going to lie — blogging is tough.  It is a good kind of tough.  It forces me to think, to be creative and to choose my words wisely.  I see it as an artform — like a marvelous statue I am freeing from a slab of marble.

Some days are easier than others.  I am ashamed to admit this, but there are days that you could determine my mood just by looking at my blog stats (see image below).


This is an actual still image from my blog stats.  You can see that May 7, 2009, is the last day shown.  You can see that the line chart dips way down.  You can also see that on May 4, 2009, blog hits were up.  It is funny how this affects me — it could be my mood chart, all based upon your views.

I will continue to hone my craft and ask that you keep reading and supplying occasional feedback.  So, that being said, I will continue to work through my tears today while thinking about the good ol’ days…like the 4th of May.

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