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Inside Pocket

To me, the inside pocket was one of the most clever inventions.  I used it to hide gum and lint covered gum.  But I am sure that it had darker beginnings.

Guy with weapons in his inside pocket: Go ahead.  Search me.  I am innocent I tell you. (A wry smile fills his face)
Guy looking for weapons: I don’t understand…(patting down).  I know I saw you with at least 3 swords not two shakes ago.
Guy with weapons: I think you have the wrong guy.  (Another wry smile fills his face)
Guy looking for weapons: No!  The guy I saw distinctly had a large mole hanging on his left eyelid, preventing him from blinking properly.
Guy with weapons: Well, it is obviously not me.  You may have noticed that I have this patch over my left eye (points to eye).  I wear it because I am blind in that eye. (Wry smile developing)
Guy looking for weapons: Hmmm.  I guess you are right.  I apologize for disrupting your visit to the castle good sir.  I hope you are fortunate enough to see the king today.  He is due to visit this very court any minute now.
Guy with weapons: Thanks for the tip.  (Yet another wry smile fills his face)


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Coffee McGhee

I have a confession to make.
I might be addicted to coffee.
I can remember a time where the thought of drinking coffee repulsed me.
Then I remember when the smell was attractive, but still I could not fathom pouring it down my gullet.
But then, in one night of desperation, I had to stay alert.  I poured a cup.  After adding loads of sugar and creamer, I lifted the steaming mug and sipped.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.
Today I am a coffee snob of sorts.  I make great effort to purchase all of my coffee at our local coffee store, Leopard Forest Coffee Company.  Not only are they staffed with super-human people and led by one who shares my vision on buying local and supporting community, but they also produce a fine bean.
Now I am buying whole beans and grinding them.  Savouring the aroma as it is ground.  Growing impatient for a taste as the almost-tangible flavour wafts through the quiet morning atmosphere after a hard run.
I have a handcrafted mug (featured in the photo) that has been granted the privilege to hold my liquid deliciousness.
I prefer dark roasts with a drizzle of Italian Sweet Cream.
I think it is because of my desire and passion for coffee that has caused my friends to call me Coffee McGhee.
Or maybe it is because I had my name legally changed to Coffee Laughypants McGhee.
Either way, I must confess, I love coffee.


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Manliest Pastry

I have decided that the manliest of all the pastries is the Bear Claw.  The Bear Claw has several things going for it.  First of all, I think we can all agree that it has the baddest name in pastries.  Next, it just looks cool.  I bought one a Panera Bread and I was almost afraid to eat it.  I thought it might slice my throat open on the way down.  Lastly, it has the baddest name in pastries.

It also goes swimmingly with a white chocolate mocha frappachino.

bear claw


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Business Plan

I think one of most rewarding things you could do would be to open a coffee shop that doesn’t serve coffee.  Instead, you would serve ice cream. When the customers would come inside wanting coffee, they would be so disappointed and possibly feel betrayed. But then you could say that you have ice cream instead. Think about it.  You could have a hand in turning their entire day around.  I am sure they would thank you.

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