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Inside Pocket

To me, the inside pocket was one of the most clever inventions.  I used it to hide gum and lint covered gum.  But I am sure that it had darker beginnings.

Guy with weapons in his inside pocket: Go ahead.  Search me.  I am innocent I tell you. (A wry smile fills his face)
Guy looking for weapons: I don’t understand…(patting down).  I know I saw you with at least 3 swords not two shakes ago.
Guy with weapons: I think you have the wrong guy.  (Another wry smile fills his face)
Guy looking for weapons: No!  The guy I saw distinctly had a large mole hanging on his left eyelid, preventing him from blinking properly.
Guy with weapons: Well, it is obviously not me.  You may have noticed that I have this patch over my left eye (points to eye).  I wear it because I am blind in that eye. (Wry smile developing)
Guy looking for weapons: Hmmm.  I guess you are right.  I apologize for disrupting your visit to the castle good sir.  I hope you are fortunate enough to see the king today.  He is due to visit this very court any minute now.
Guy with weapons: Thanks for the tip.  (Yet another wry smile fills his face)


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