Prince Valiant

What is the deal with Prince Valiant?

Prince Valiant is that comic strip where what appears to be the main character sports a sweet black hair-helmet style.  It’s the one where guys are always fighting and apparently in a hurry to get somewhere.  It is the strip where the artwork looks really cool but way too deep for the Sunday Funnies.  It is like the LOST of comic strips.

So this Sunday, at least acknowledge the fact that you never read Prince Valiant.  You may also want to acknowledge the fact that though you carry the front page of The Local City Times into the bathroom with you, you never read it — the Sunday Funnies are tucked inside and you can’t wait to see what sort of lolligagging hijinx you’ll find in Garfield.



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2 responses to “Prince Valiant

  1. totally agree that Prince Valiant is a sham. I think it’s some type of a front for an elaborate spy network smuggling messages out of the States.

    but how dare you insult LOST? Keep that mularkey up and you will be the Prince Valiant of blogs.

    • Kevin

      Dearest Mr. Allain,
      Let me be clear. In no way was I attempting to drag LOST down to the level of Prince Valiant. I was simply making a comparison — we fear getting involved in Prince Valiant because we do not know the whole story. The same applies to those thinking about watching LOST for the first time.
      Also, let me be clear, while your biting comment about the future of my blog left me deeply wounded, shaking and weeping loudly, it was also hilarious.
      Jack Shepherd

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